Energo is a software application of the engine control unit for Predictive Drive Control, which was developed with the help of a model-based approach. The objectives of the system are to provide hints for the driver to attain more fuel efficiency, e.g. early take off the acceleration pedal in front of a rotary traffic, and strategic operation decisions for freewheeling, e.g. fuel cut-off in the overrun with opened or closed clutch.

Due to the intensive calculations, the software application requires a large amount of computing capacity of the engine control unit. Timing measurements and detailed analysis enable the identification of the most resource hungry parts of the software. Suitable measures should reduce the demand of processing unit power. Furthermore, there is a focus on timing measurements for engine control unit applications. This requires basic research of a measuring concept and appropriate software solutions. Their general adaptability should be evaluated on the basis of the Energo project. Up to the present moment, several goals have been achieved in this project:

  • Research of timing measurement concepts and software
  • Functional analysis of the Energo components
  • Improvement of runtime performance
  • Optimization of memory requirements